Grant Accelerator


What is Grant Accelerator?

You wish you could get bigger gifts and foundation grants, but maybe your organization isn’t ready. The Grant Accelerator program puts you on a faster track to qualify for and receive grants and major gifts by demonstrating that you have the capacity to fulfill the requirements and sustain the program once the grant funding is complete.

Who Should Participate?

This program is for you, if you need to:

  • Significantly improve your fundraising
  • Engage your board in donor development
  • Improve strategic thinking/planning
  • Design better programs and solutions
  • Qualify to receive grant funding for your program:

What’s the Training Agenda?

It starts with a two-day intensive that covers these key areas:

Board and leadership

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Stages of board growth and development
  • Engagement in fundraising

Strategic thinking/planning

  • Cultural relevancy
  • Community impact
  • Planning process and execution

Financial management and systems

  • Best practices for non-profit financial systems

Program innovation and problem solving

  • Design of new programs for community impact

Program evaluation and impact metrics

  • How to evaluate and measure impact
  • Metrics to determine program effectiveness

You will be assigned a Grant Accelerator coach, and together you will discuss your greatest improvements needed to eventually qualify for future grant funding.

Who Are the Trainers and Coaches?

All coaching and training is provided by:

  • Ron Frey, President of Frey Resource Group
  • Greg Moon, former VP Advancement, Western Seminary
  • Fred Douglas, former Executive Director, Portland Youth for Christ

What if We Need Additional Strategic Consulting or Creative Services?

Each step of the way, we are strategically guiding you in the best practices to grow and strengthen the capacity of your organization. If you need further consulting or creative services outside of Grant Accelerator, we invite you to join a Fundraising Bootcamp cohort for additional training. We also offer consulting and creative services outside of this program, such as graphic design, copywriting, event planning, digital marketing, direct mail and many other creative services.

What Does Grant Accelerator Cost?

For the two-day intensive training, the cost is $995 per person. Additional participants cost $245 each.

BONUS! If you want to continue your training with Fundraising Bootcamp, you may qualify for grant to cover the costs! If you attend the Grant Accelerator training, and meet the qualifications, we will write your grant request for application letter for FREE!

How Do I Join Grant Accelerator?

Please schedule a phone appointment with Ron Frey to discuss whether or not your organization qualifies. You can reach Ron at 503.779.3979 or send him an email to start the conversation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .