Strategic Consulting

FRG helps you see the big picture. Our consultants have the experience and the tools to successfully lead you in organizational leadership.

Strategic Planning - Creating a strategic plan for growth requires much more than just insights into the mindset and behavior of the donor base. It requires a deeper understanding of donor motivations, dreams and the direction the market is moving. We’ll work with you to create a strategic growth plan that will provide clear direction for your development.

Development Assessments - How healthy is your donor base? How strong is your development program? We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your management, marketing and fundraising efforts and provide keen insights about what can be done to improve it. The assessment process can uncover the hidden potential of your donor base and show you how to spend your development dollars to achieve greater income.

Marketing Intelligence Systems - Smart fundraisers know their donor database. They get the reports that help them understand what is working and what isn’t. And they monitor the changes to donor needs and behaviors on a regular basis. You have a database, but can you get the information you need to make strategic decisions that result in long-term donor value?

We’ll help you design the reporting system to track donor movement in the Lifetime Donor Model. Our reporting system offers clear, understandable reports that can not only report on what happened, but help in setting goals and predicting what will happen. This makes it extremely helpful to budget your income for the coming year with a reasonable certainty that your donor base will come through. The insights gained from advanced segmentation and data analysis can optimize the donor experience and potentially save thousands of dollars in fundraising costs.