With over 30 years of diverse non-profit experience, Ron Frey, President of Frey Resource Group, has crafted innovative training programs that have positively impacted hundreds of non-profits.

Breakthroughs in Fundraising℠ - Foundational development philosophies that every fundraising professional needs to know and master. This fully customized program is scalable from one day, multi-day or to year-long training sessions; we can equip you in all your breakthrough needs.

Seminars and Workshops - Having a cohesive, educated, and cooperative team streamlines the fundraising process. FRG’s revolutionary training sessions include:

  • Fundraising Leadership All-day Intensive
  • Compelling Communication of Your Cause Concept
  • Putting it all Together - Your Annual Development Plan
  • Fundraising Without Fear
  • Any many more!

True North℠ - There is nothing like this…a weekend devoted to your givers and their family to help them do something that in all likelihood to no other organization has ever done - discover their God-given life purpose and potential for changing the world. True North offers a guided discovery process in helping families identify their dreams, values, giftedness and purpose.

Board Leadership - A strong board is essential for a successful non-profit. A well-planned board meeting will move your organization significantly forward by bringing vision, mission, values and strategy into sharper focus. We also facilitate strategic planning retreats for boards, to clarify overall organizational direction and plans.

In-house Training - We offer extensive on-site training to development staff so they can be completely equipped to do the work of fundraising. This training is typically offered in the context of an ongoing consulting relationship or participation in the Fundraising Leader program.