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About Frey Resource Group


Since 2010, we've helped more than 100 nonprofit leaders create a compelling vision and then bring that vision to reality. Our passion is to achieve increasingly higher levels of success in fundraising through powerful storytelling, leadership, and inspiration.


To see organizations fully funded to save and improve lives around the world.

Your Vision Realized

See the vision for your organization become reality through creative communication, excellent donor experiences, and an enduring commitment to positive long-term relationships.


Our Values


We believe success is achieved by upholding the highest standards of integrity in ministry. We are honest with donors about your work and what their gifts will do. In our relationship with clients, we are straightforward even in difficult matters.


Wisdom in managing organizational resources is a top priority. We aim to deliver a high value for every dollar invested in our services for the benefit of the organization and its beneficiaries. We also seek ways to help our clients manage resources for greater impact, recognizing that "to whom much is given, much is required." 


Few organizations achieve significant growth without stellar individual performance from their employees. This is why we place significant emphasis on the personal training and the transformation required for individuals to achieve greater performance in their jobs. We are committed to both personal and organizational growth.

Art and Science

We combine the art of creative communication with the science of donor development.

It takes both to raise the money you need to grow. While many organizations focus their fundraising on "getting the gift," we focus on "winning the heart of the giver" so that they may experience the joy of giving to your cause over the course of many years.

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