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Five Goals of Fundraising

These five goals are the starting point. They provide a useful framework for your annual fundraising plan.


Goal #1
Create positive brand visibility in your desired target market.

Your donor prospects need to know who you are, what you do, why you exist, and what difference you make. Before people say yes to supporting you, your nonprofit brand needs to be known as a great organization to support. Frey Resource Group helps you:

  • Clarify your vision, mission, and values

  • Develop your inspirational message

  • Tell your most compelling stories

  • Convey your brand through cutting-edge design

Goal #2
Build your donor base.

To grow your donation income, you must identify and reach your best prospects. Frey Resource Group offers:

  • Strategy for new donor acquisition

  • Creative campaigns that win new donors

  • The Lifetime Donor Model framework that builds long-term support

Goal #3
Raise funds through profitable income programs.

You need to create and grow many types of income programs that diversify your revenue, engage donors, and raise funds.

Frey Resource Group helps you:

  • Create new income programs – building new revenue streams from the ground up

  • Accelerate your income programs for annual growth

  • Integrate your fundraising efforts to maximize their fundraising potential

  • All income programs need a manager, which leads us to our fourth goal ... 


Goal #4
Build your professional development team.

You need a development team who believes in your organization, represents it well, and loves to raise funds.

Frey Resource Groups provides:

  • Training in all aspects of fundraising

  • Coaching for personal and professional growth

  • Encouragement so your team members can perform well


Goal #5
Create systems for relationship management.

You need a database that makes managing relationships easy.

Frey Resource Group supports you to:

  • Find the right database system

  • Use your database for better segmentation and communication

  • Report on results

Since 2010, Frey Resource Group has worked with more than 100 clients to help them achieve these five goals through excellent strategy, leadership, and creative storytelling. If you would like to explore how we can help you do this, start the conversation today.
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